product care
All our products have been carefully hand-made by us and we hope they would last for a lifetime and more. To help make that happen, here are some care instructions and tips from us!
In general:
Do not smash them. Give them Tender Loving Care.
Do not use any sharp objects on our glass products.
Do not use abrasives or cleaning agents with abrasives when washing or cleaning our glass products.
Do not expose our glass products to sudden and large changes in temperatures as they have not been tempered to withstand thermal shock.
When using:
Do not apply sharp utensils or tools (e.g. knives) on the glass surface.
Do not pour boiling hot food or drinks into the glass products when the glass products have not been sufficiently warmed up.
When cleaning and washing:
Do not use steel wool.
Do not use dishwashers.
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